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Master Intercultural Communication

Everything you need to know to defeat the most common mistakes and succesfully communicate across cultures

What makes intercultural communication so hard?

Insecurity and anxiety


Different communication styles


Being too direct can be disrespectful and rude, yet being too vague and not providing enough context to conversation often causes frustration.


Cultural values and norms




During this course you will discover:



✔️ The main aspects of intercultural communication to better understand how different cultures communicate

✔️ Geert Hofstede's Cultural Iceberg model to gain a deeper understanding of the complexity of culture

✔️ The most common intercultural communication barriers 

✔️ Four different cultural dimensions

✔️ Touch and emotions in different cultures

✔️ How to identify and adapt your style to different cultural situation

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What will you learn?

Improve your communication style


You will learn how to identify and adapt your style to confidently and effectively communicate in every cultural situation.

Build up self-awareness


Become aware of your biases and behaviour, and recognize and understand your cultural values.

Reduce misunderstandings


You will learn to overcome what is it that makes you tick regarding different cultures in order to build trust and overcome culture shock.

Time to get excited!



Not sure if you have heard the news, but I have been busy designing different packages for you to choose from.


But even the course alone is worth taking!


You can learn everything you need in just 45 minutes or add 1 LIVE Q&A session. What better way to learn intercultural communication than to engage in conversation with people around the world!


And to top that one off, you can add choose a personal coaching session in which we will focus on developing your intercultural skills even further! 



Customer reviews

I have been working in an international environment for years. After taking this course I understood so many things why my colleagues and clients are doing things so differently!


Mary Carlsson


I had so many eureka moments during this course! I come from India and have sometimes felt so frustrated when working with Westernes. Now it is so much easier to understand why they are so keen on deadlines. 


Sulya Krishnan


Only if I had taken this course earlier! I realized so many things about my own behavior and values that I can now more easily communicate with my team. I am definitely more flexible and patient leader thanks to Tanja's coaching.


Ruby Shelton

New York, USA


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Over 7 modules we're going to cover


Who am I, what is intercultural communication and why intercultural communication is so important in today's globalized world.

Understanding your cultural values

Why is it vital to understand your cultural values first and how learning Hall's cultural iceberg theory is a foundation to develop intercultural communication skills. 

Final words

What are the most important things to keep in mind when starting to practise intercultural communication skills? How to develop your skills even further?

How to adapt and flex your style?

You will learn to recognize different communication styles, and identify  and adapt your way of communication to different cultural situations. 

Non-verbal communication

What is non-verbal communication and why is it important part of intercultural communication? You will also learn in more indepth about touch and emotions in different cultures. 

Cultural dimensions

How understanding cultural dimensions will help you with intercultural communication? We will explore individual and collective cultures, linear and flexible time orientation, low and high context communication styles, and power distance.

Barriers to intercultural communication

The most common barriers to intercultural communication are high anxiety, ethnocentrism, stereotypes and prejudice and assuming similarities instead of differences. Learn how they influence your communication. 

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Course options


What is the difference between the three packages?

With the BASIC package you will learn everything you need to know about intercultural communication in just 45 minutes.


You will also receive a certificate of completion. If you want to continue your learning journey, you can find interesting articles and books from the resources list. 


If you want to combine independent learning with live training, then you should choose a PREMIUM package. 


What better way to learn intercultural communication than to engage in conversation with people around the world! You will get access to 1 Live Q&A lesson, but of course you can buy your seat to all of them! Tanja will host one lesson every month. Each live lesson will have a specific theme so you can choose which one is the most beneficial for you. During the live Q&A you get to ask anything on your mind!


Not only will you have a chance to deepen your knowledge beyond the course lectures, but you will also get a unique opportunity to hear other people's thoughts, perceptions and stories. If you miss one, don't worry, I've got you covered! I will record every session, and you can watch it whenever it is the most convenient for you. And you can still send out your questions beforehand!


If you truly want to master intercultural communication, then the ELITE package is the perfect choice!


You will get three 45-minute coaching sessions, in which we will go through the exercises you have done during the course and will develop your skills even further. You will get a unique opportunity to practice all the tools and techniques you will learn during the video lessons!

What if I'm brand new to this?

Whether you are a leader on your team, work in a multicultural environment or just love to learn more about intercultural communication, this course will help you thrive and appreciate others for what they bring to the table.


Therefore, this course is for anyone who is looking to:

  • Communicate effectively with people of different cultural backgrounds
  • Gain a better understanding of how to communicate with people from various parts of the world
  • Work with people from different cultures
  • Build stronger rapport in their relationships with people from different backgrounds

For how long can I access the courses?

You can access all of the courses for one full year!

Do you have a money back guarantee policy?

Yes! We offer 14-day money back guarantee. You have the right ask for a refund within 14 days, for any reason and without a justification. Just send us an email!

What if I live in a different time zone, can I still access the live Q&A sessions or personal coaching?

Yes you can! I will record all the Q&A sessions, and you can watch it whenever it is the most convenient for you. To make the most out of the sessions, you can still send out your questions beforehand and I will give you answers during the session! I will also try to find the most convenient time zone to make the live Q&A accessible for the majority of the students. 


Regarding the personal coaching, you can choose the most convenient times for you from my calendar. The calendar takes into account your time zone, so you will see all the available slots at your local time!

Who am I?


Hi! My name is Tanja and I work as an intercultural communication and inclusive leadership coach. I am internationally certified working style expert, which means that when creating this course I have taken into account how differently people work and learn to maximize the learning experience.


I also help companies and leaders to improve their performance and productivity through consulting, coaching and training. My goal is to enhance organizations' ability to identify and adapt communication- and working styles to different cultural situations, and to create opportunities for growth and development.


In my role as a coach, I help others understand themselves better so that they may improve their relationships with others, even though they would not agree with what the other person says. To sum up, I want to work towards making a world where everyone feels valued and respected.


In case you have any question, feel free to contact me via email

tanja (@)

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