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Startup Refugees

Tanja hosted an energetic workshop for Startup Refugees network’s mentors on Cultural Intelligence. Tanja shared valuable practical examples and tips to better understand how our and others' cultural background affects the way of communicating and behaving. The training was useful for our multicultural community!


Mia Hyvärinen

Startup Refugees

You shared valuable practical examples and tips to better understand cultural backgrounds affect the way we communicate. The sessions were very useful for our students who are taking this course to have a better understanding of the cultures around the world.



Erdem Uzun

Tec Milenio University

Tanja’s excellent moderating skills in the group sessions, as well as her engagement with the individual coaching sessions, made the overall process very fruitful, providing a clear and actionable road map to harvest our inner talents and cultivate our strengths on the personal and collective levels.


Bruno Duréault

Finn Church Aid


Intercultural communication



Understanding your values and behaviour is essential for effortless and efficient intercultural communication. 


Cultural intelligence helps you to develop international talent onboarding, ease the relocation process and improve your strategy for conquering international markets. 


Inclusive leadership



Inclusive leaders understand diverse working styles, are aware of one's biases and attitudes and are able to utilize cultural intelligence in leadership. 


When a leader has an understanding of how cultural dimensions and communication styles influence on team work, a leader can minimize frustration and misunderstandings.

WSA- working style analysis



Working Style Analysis offers detailed information on your unique working styles and the way you use your brain.


The goal of the analysis is to make you understand the diversity of working and learning styles, which greatly influence on motivation and efficiency especially in multicultural teams.


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Expand horizon.



Culture is one of the most powerful factors that shape our behaviour and beliefs, which highlights the importance of cultural intelligence. By leading a multicultural team correctly, a company can improve their performance by 36%! This is why intercultural communication has been identified as one of the most important skills needed by leaders who work across cultures.


Global world

Encouraging curiosity.



Numinos Coaching specializes in intercultural communication and coaching cultural intelligence and inclusive leadership skills. Numinos Coaching offers companies and organizations unique trainings to understand cultural differences and diversity. Every training and coaching is designed based on the company's needs and can be conducted live or remotely or as an online course. 

Intercultural communication workshop
Tanja Saarinen Chávez is the co-founder and intercultural communication expert

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Our solutions

Turning cultural differences into organizational strengths.

Encouraging curiosity.
Expanding horizon.

Understand your working styles


Understand how your working and learning styles influence on work efficiency and motivation. 

Develop your leadership skills


Become aware of your biases and behaviour, and learn how to lead multicultural and diverse teams. 

Improve your communication style


Learn how to identify and adapt your communication- and working style to different cultural situations.

Build up self-awareness. 

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