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Tanja Saarinen Chávez - Co-Founder of Numinos


Nice to meet you! I am Tanja, your cultural intelligence and inclusive leadership coach and WSA- expert. I have a Master's Degree in Business Administration, specializing in Leadership and People Management and a bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management. I have always been motivated to challenge myself and to see other people reach their potential. 


I have been living on and off Finland my whole life. Travelling and exploring new countries have always been part of my life. So far I have travelled to over 40 different countries and the list will get longer almost every month! Traveling for me is like chicken soup for the soul. It is the numinos experience that draws me back to travelling and new cultures year after year.


After a day at work, I love to go for long walks with my dog and son. If my head still feels overwhelmed at the end of the day, meditation or reading a novel will calm me down.

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Trust is one of our most important values. Growing as a leader and a person means being outside your comfort zone. Therefore, we want to build an environment of trust in our trainings and in everything we do.




Courage to try


We are here so that we can offer companies and leaders tools and techniques to create inclusive work places. We believe that everyone should feel comfortable at their workplace – no matter what culture they come from. 

Expand horizons


We at Numinos Coaching know that understanding new cultures takes time. This is why our logo has a Viking symbol, Raidho, which signifies the importance of journey and choosing a right direction in life. Raidho also represents strength to make decisions and courage to embark towards new horizons.

Encourage curiosity


Every journey starts with knowing yourself; we want to encourage and inspire you to respect all the cultures in the world and be open towards traditions and new habits. By staying curious, you can look at the world with fresh eyes and learn more about yourself and your culture.  

Our values



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Numinos Coaching is specialized in intercultural communication and coaching, cultural intelligence and inclusive leadership skills. We offer companies and organizations unique trainings to understand cultural differences and diversity. Our mission is to help companies, organizations and leaders to understand cultural dimensions so that diversity can be harshnessed into strength and innovation. Combining years of experience in leadership and HR into academic research and scientifically proven WSA- analysis, Numinos Coaching will ensure the right tools to reach both personal and organizational goals. 


The idea of starting a coaching business started forming already in 2017 when I returned home after traveling the world. After living in Finland for a few years with my husband, I went through leadership and self-development courses and started a corporate job as a manager. During a furlough with a lot of spare time in hand, I discovered that I was able to combine my two passions, self-leadership and cultures. After that realization, the concept of coaching cultural intelligence and inclusive leadership started molding, the wheels started turning and here we are now!'' 

Tanja Saarinen Chávez | Co-founder & Managing Director 


Numinos Coaching is founded in 2020 and operates under Numinos Ltd. 

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