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In today's globalized world, being culturally savvy and leading with cultural intelligence is a competitive advantage that companies can't afford to ignore. That's why Numinos Coaching helps organizations and leaders develop intercultural competence. Whether you're looking to build a diverse and inclusive workforce, expand your business globally, or simply improve employee engagement and productivity, our customized programs will deliver tangible results.


Through individual and group coaching sessions, we'll help your employees develop a deeper understanding of cultural differences and learn how to communicate and collaborate more effectively with colleagues from diverse backgrounds. We'll also provide valuable insights and strategies for managing cross-cultural challenges, building stronger relationships with clients and partners, and thriving in new and unfamiliar environments especially for relocation.



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Are you aware of how your own culture affects the way you interact with others? Can you flex your communication and leadership style when working abroad or in a multicultural environment? Do you have the ability to interpret cultural cues?

Example of the training program:


  • 1,5h one-a-one coaching session going through the results of the Working style analysis to find out yourworking and learning preferences and flexibilities

  • 1.5h workshop where we will go through the WSA group analysis

  • 3h workshop on cultural awareness to enhance flexibility and tolerance, and harness the power of diversity as a strength

Goals and benefits you will gain:


  • An understanding of how your culture influences behaviour and working styles​​

  • Knowledge of different types of biases, for example, stereotypes and confirmation bias

  • An understanding of different types of cultural dimensions such us scheduling styles, time orientation, power distance and their influence on working styles and leadership

  • An appreciation for cultural and individual differences, which will reduce misunderstandings and unnecessary conflicts


Are you struggling to resolve conflicts and miscommunications when communicating across cultures? Are you curious about the influence of individual communication styles on your team's productivity?

Goals and benefits you will gain:


  • Deep insight into your unique communication style through ICEdge- analysis

  • An understanding of how culture influences behaviour and communication styles​​

  • Better knowledge of how differently everyone communicates, which will enhance understanding and flexibility especially in multicultural teams​

  • Knowledge of your individual strengths and development areas 

Example of the training program:


  • 1,5h one-a-one coaching session online going through the communication analysis 

  • 1.5h workshop for the whole team, where we will go through the group analysis and set team goals for the future

  • 3h workshop regarding different communication styles and how to flex your style

  • Price 485€ + VAT (if applicable) per person (minimum 4 persons)


How well do you support each employee's individual growth? Are you aware of your own leadership style and its influence on others? Have you taken into consideration cultural cues and biases when working towards more cohesive and inclusive teamwork?

Goals and benefits you will gain:


  • A deep insight into your unique working or communication style, which will enhance your leadership skills

  • Knowledge of how differently each team member works, thus you can give instructions and tasks accordingly

  • An understanding of how cultural backgrounds influence working and communication style, and how misunderstandings, and conflicts can be reduced

  • Skills to interpret cultural cues and flex your style according to cultural needs 

Example of the training program:


  • 1,5h one-a-one coaching session online going through the WSA or communication style- results and setting goals for the future

  • 1h x 2 one-a-one coaching session regarding the set goals and future development needs

  • 1.5h workshop for the whole team, where we will go through the group analysis and set team goals for the future

  • 4h workshop on cultural dimensions and increasing intercultural communication skills

  • Price 890€ + VAT (if applicable) per person (minimum 4 persons)

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