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Sometimes it is difficult to get the whole staff in one workshop. That's why we have created online courses! Online courses allow employees to learn at their own pace, and new modules can be scheduled according to your company's needs. You can opt for live webinars for an online course, which can then be recorded and viewed at any time.


Even though the learning happens online, your company will get the full support from the coach. You have an option to choose a course theme below, or we can customize the course content to your company's specific needs.


Our online courses on intercultural communication and inclusive leadership allow employees to learn at their own pace
Learn intercultural communication skills with our online course
Learn inclusive leadership skills with our online course

Cultural awareness



  • How diverse working styles influence on group dynamics?

  • How do different time orientations influence on deadlines and scheduling?

  • How does power distance influence on taking initiate?

  • How understanding cultural dimensions can reduce culture shock and ease relocation process?


Intercultural communication



  • What is high and low context communication?

  • How do stereotypes and biases affect communication?

  • How diverse working styles influence on group dynamics?

  • How does non-verbal and verbal communication vary in different cultures?

  • How to negoatiate in different cultures?

Leading diverse teams



  • What is inclusive leadership? 

  • How to lead multicultural team?

  • What are the benefits and challenges of inclusive leadership?

  • What are the essential skills for global leaders?

  • How to develop inclusive leadership?

  • How to lead a person coming from low or high power distance culture?

Learn cultural intelligence with our online course customized for your company's needs

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