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Ever wondered how your communication style can significantly impact your personal and professional success? Are you struggling to resolve conflicts and miscommunications when communicating across cultures? Are you curious about the influence of individual communication styles on your team's productivity?


​Intercultural Communication Edge (icEdge) is a communication style self-assessment and interactive team tool that prepares leaders to be effective communicators across a variety of situations. icEdge provides specific recommendations based on an individual’s communication style and those of colleagues, employees and customers.


Communication style self-assessment to learn intercultural communication skills

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Learn about your communication style and improve intercultural communication skills

What does the communication analysis include?



  • icEdge offers in-depth and comprehensive into your communication style and provides specific details about the actions and beliefs that shape those characteristics.
  • Information about how you interpret emotions, conflicts and indirect messages
  • Information about how you communicate through physical, auditory, and vocal cues in shared spaces.
  • icEdge offers insights into your time management approach, revealing whether you tend to prioritize clock time, adhering to schedules and deadlines, or if you prefer a more flexible approach, allowing events to unfold naturally.
  • 1,5h one-a-one coaching in which we will go through the analysis in detail. For the best results, additional coaching sessions are recommended. You can read more about different coaching packages here 
  • 13- page written analysis and exercises
  • Price 299€+VAT per person

Who is icEdge communication style analysis for?

Learn to lead multicultural teams
Recruit the right team members
Understand diversity and develop intercultural communication skills

Recruiting and onboarding



A communication style assessment can be a game-changer when it comes to recruiting the right person for your team or organization. Learning about candidate's communication style helps to identify their strengths in communicating ideas, instructions, and feedback.





No matter the setting, whether you're collaborating with your team or engaging with superiors or other stakeholders across the world, icEdge communication style assessment equips you with the skills to navigate and adapt your communication style with confidence and finesse. 


Learn to flex your communication style




By understanding each team member's unique communication style, team members can learn how to better interact and collaborate with one another. It helps in minimizing misunderstandings, conflicts, and misinterpretations, leading to clearer and more effective communication.




Understanding how you typically express yourself helps you to become more mindful of your communication choices and how your style may be perceived by others. This awareness helps you gauge whether you are effectively conveying your intended message.

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