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Do you know what senses you use to solve tricky problems or what sort of environment boosts your creativity? Are you aware of how you process information and whether you are naturally more analytical or holistic? Do you know why your colleague is always asking to spar with you and why she challenges the current processes?


​WSA stands for Working Style Analysis, and it is an assessment tool that gives profound and detailed insight into biological needs as well as learned working styles. The goal of the analysis is to help to recognize and control the elements that can enhance attempts to solve problems, concentrate, learn, and work more efficiently and with greater satisfaction. It is scientifically proven and internationally used analysis developed by Barbara Prashnig (©Prashnig Style Solutions).


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Improve your intercultural communication skills through learning your working styles

What does WSA- analysis include?



  • WSA profound and detailed information regarding your biological and learned working styles
  • Information about factors which will develop your problem-solving and an ability to concentrate, learn and work more efficiently
  • Information regarding your stress factors that cause fatigue and problems to concentrate 
  • Information of how you process information, the way you think and use your senses, physical and social needs at work to improve your motivation and efficiency
  • 1,5h one-a-one coaching in which we will go through the analysis in detail. For the best results, additional coaching sessions are recommended. You can read more about different coaching packages here 
  • 15- page written analysis and exercises
  • Price 347€+VAT per person

Who is WSA-working style analysis for?

Improve your intercultural communication skills through learning your working styles
Improve your intercultural communication skills through learning your working styles
Improve your intercultural communication skills through WSA-analysis

Recruiting and onboarding



Building an efficient team isn't all about the CV and work experience, it is also about the diversity of the team. WSA helps to find the perfect fit for the team. WSA also helps to design and develop the relocation and onboarding processes to match the person's needs.





Before you can lead others, you have to know yourself. Using your strengths as a leader and understanding diversity will give you valuable information to lead your team to a new level. For example, understanding the diverse working styles, you can give feedback according to everyone's needs.


Improve your intercultural communication skills through WSA-analysis




Each one of us is unique, yet sometimes it can be challenging to understand why others do things differently. WSA profiles will give your team eureka moments and enhance collaboration between teammates. This increases creativity and sense of belonging. 




WSA provides you with information about how you use your brain and work in challenging situations. With WSA, you can improve your work flow because it tells you the best ways to work and learn. By minimizing your stress factors, you will feel more energetic and concentrate better. 

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