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Mitä on kulttuuriäly?

By Tanja Saarinen Chávez

20 February 2023

Unity in Diversity: How Multicultural Training Can Help Your Team Achieve More Than Ever Before

Multicultural teams are becoming increasingly common in the current global environment. Companies that value diversity and hire culturally-diverse employees can gain a competitive edge.


The success of multicultural teams can be highly beneficial to any organization, as they bring together diverse perspectives and skillsets that can lead to innovative solutions. However, leading multicultural teams can be challenging due to cultural differences between team members. 


Without proper understanding and awareness of each other’s backgrounds and values, conflicts and misunderstandings and even racial attitudes may arise which can reduce team performance instead of increasing it. Therefore, it is important to develop cultural intelligence. You can dive deeper into what is cultural intelligence in this blog post. 


Purpose of Multicultural Training


One way to ensure successful multicultural teamwork is by providing team members with intercultural training. The purpose of cultural diversity training program is to increase awareness and sensitivity towards cultural differences, improve communication and collaboration between diverse team members, and use the unique perspectives of team members to enhance innovation and inclusiveness within the workplace.


Through cultural diversity training program, team members can become familiar with each other’s cultural backgrounds, ethnic identity and values, as well as learn to recognize and appreciate cultural differences. A great tool to improve teamwork is WSA- analysis, which helps to identify every team members working styles and senses they use to process information. You can learn about WSA- working style analysis here.


The goal of the multicultural training is also to equip the team with the skills they need to effectively collaborate and communicate across cultures. This can lead to an atmosphere of respect and trust between team members, which is essential for successful multicultural teamwork.


Four women from differencet cultural background discussing


Why Should Company Invest in Multicultural Training?


Companies should invest in multicultural coaching as it is an effective tool for leveraging the benefits of cultural diversity within teams, especially with overseas staff. Increasing your team's cultural intelligence will benefit the whole organization. 


Here are 5 reasons why your company should invest in cultural diversity trainings:


1. Multicultural workshops can provide a greater understanding of different cultures, which can promote empathy and respect among team members. This can foster a more harmonious and productive workplace.


2. Cultural diversity training program can help team members develop cultural competence and the communication skills required to effectively interact across cultural boundaries, which can reduce misunderstandings and conflicts within multicultural teams, ultimately leading to improved performance. 


Higher cultural intelligence also means that team members can provide each other useful feedback in a culturally approriate way. You can read more about the importance of cultural intelligence in business from this blog post. 


3. Cultural diversity training program can benefit team members by increasing their ability to recognize and appreciate different perspectives and to address cultural issues, leading to enhanced problem-solving and efficient use of cultural diversity in order to produce creative solutions.


4. Diversity of thought and perspectives can enhance innovative ideas and solutions. The training sessions and workshops can assist team members in recognizing and utilizing the differences within the team to promote sense of belonging.


5. Cross-cultural training program can enable teams to acquire the capabilities and understanding necessary for providing customers with appropriate, efficient service in our globalized world.


To conclude, multicultural coaching programs have the potential to positively impact organizations by enhancing interpersonal communication and collaboration, increasing productivity and providing better problem-solving skills between individuals from different cultures.



Want to learn more about our cross-cultural training programs and training sessions? Book a meeting and let's discuss how I can help!



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