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16 January 2022
VUCA Leadership for multicultural team

Developing Inclusive Leadership through Coaching Cultural Intelligence

Coaching can be an effective way to develop the self-leadership required by inclusive leadership. The influence of coaching on organizational capability has only recently been discovered, but it is becoming a vital part of leadership programs. Read further and download my research findings regarding how developing inclusive leadership through coaching of cultural intelligence can improve organizational performance.


In order for coaching to be efficient, it needs to be integrated into the strategy. Since leaders need to have the opportunity to influence behavioural and performance patterns, it's important for the goals for coaching to be aligned with the leadership strategy.


When cultural intelligence is combined with coaching, leaders will be able to motivate and engage multicultural teams. When a leader has an understanding of how different cultural dimensions and communication influence work performance, the organization can reduce frustration, misunderstandings and conflicts.


You can read more about how multicultural training can help your team to achieve better results in this blog post. 


Inklusiivinen johtaja


Influence of Culture on Learning Styles


Cultures emphasize different aspects of personal development, which explains the differences in how people think and learn in different cultures. Learning experiences can be reinforced by culture depending on how the culture defines reward and punishment.


Some cultures emphasize analytical thinking, while others prefer starting from the big picture. Some emphasize maintaining integrity in relationships, while others prefer individual learning and sticking with deadlines and schedules.


The universal factor is that each culture has its own reasoning behind what is the best way to learn and work, yet how to implement it, is different. Culture influences how people complete tasks. Hence, culture is linked directly to an employee's performance.


This is why it is crucial for leaders to understand their culture and develop self-leadership skills. Making decisions is a part of every individual’s life and, especially in a leadership position, a leader should be aware of how one is making decisions.


The preferred way of working is often the result of the culture where the leader has grown and worked. Thus, working styles are both biological and learned. Sometimes the culture suppresses biological needs, leading to frustration. The leader can accommodate each team member's needs more easily if they are aware of their biases, attitudes and ways of working, and harness diversity into strength.



Importance of Inclusive Leadership


The benefits will be significant when cultural diversity is used as a resource instead of an obstacle. Cultures have always had unique characteristics, but especially during the past thirty years, cultures have become more interconnected with each other.


A leader should focus on helping their employees to see the value and importance of their work because company culture affects behaviour and culture. Even though it is not possible or even necessary to understand all the cultures in the world, the key for a leader is to develop cultural intelligence, understand one’s biases and behavioural patterns within the overall global context.



Is your company ready to start encouraging curiosity and expanding horizons? Read more about my research and the benefits of coaching here.




Tanja is a Certified Intercultural Communication Coach and an expert on Work Style Analysis (WSA). With a Master's Degree in Business Administration, specializing in Leadership and People Management, she helps companies and assists leaders in comprehending cultural dimensions and leveraging existing cultural differences to create powerful organizational strengths.

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